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Each of our clients in the HOUSTON area brings a special group of SEO problems and challenges.   These challenges need a customized solution in order to achieve the result which will increase not only their visibility, but also the number of visitors who visit their website.  We are truly a “white hat” type of SEO Company, meaning that we follow the guidelines provided to webmasters by all of the major search engines.  We recognized that each website is unique in every way, so we utilize a specialized SEO approach.  Based in HOUSTON, HC MEDIA GROUP will ensure that you are able to increase the number of visitors to your website as well as its overall sales and/or leads generated.

Services for Onsite Search Engine Optimization

The initial phase of SEO services is to analyze your website and then make recommendations for changes that will help you in targeting your audiences.  We encourage you to optimize each and every page of your website, thereby increasing its overall visibility and attracting many more customers.

Here are some of the typical things a website owner can do in order to truly optimize their site; however, since each website is unique there could be additional items which may be applied to the entire site or only to pages that need to be changed.SEO HOUSTON, TEXAS

Developing an SEO Strategy:  Our first step is to analyze the history of the client’s website, their online competition and then to develop a customized strategy for optimizing their website.

Conduct an SEO Audit:  HC MEDIA GROUP is a full service corporation and will conduct a complete technical audit of each client’s website, evaluating each error that may occur within those website.  Some of the more common SEO problems that we generally address during an SEO technical audit may include: sitemaps, duplicated content, broken links, 301 redirect and 404 problems.

Research SEO Keywords: We will conduct an in depth search of the recommended keywords and phrases for the client’s particular industry.  We will select those which look natural when incorporated into the client’s website and which are likely to be the most beneficial.

Selection of SEO Keywords:  There are many choices one could make for the keywords in a website, but we only use the most beneficial and relevant keywords for our clients.  We ensure that each page of our client’s website has appropriated selected words that relate to that page’s content.

Recommendations for SEO Content: We conduct an extensive review of our client’s current website content and then carefully insert the most relevant keywords into that content.

SEO HOUSTON, TEXASUpdating Meta Tags:  We ensure that our client’s website has meta tag information which is focused for visitor optimization, including the title meta tag, H1 tags, meta tag description and image tags.  Each page is carefully scrutinized and updated.

Sitemap updates:  We will analyze a website’s URL structure and, if necessary, rewrite a client’s XML sitemap.

Implementation:  We will gladly work with a client’s internet site designer to ensure the proper installation of any our SEO recommendations, or we will have our experienced web site developer make those changes directly to the client’s website.